Welcome to Charlous Burmese

We are New Zealand Cat Fancy registered Burmese breeders located in Whanganui.

Our mission is to breed the best quality companion kittens for their new owners.


We only have a small number of litters per year so we can provide our kittens with the best care and attention. We specialise in red Burmese, because of their playful nature. However we do occasionally have standard colour kittens available.


Retired adult cats

We currently have these two sister, seal Tories, looking for there forever home. Very negotiable on price, but they must go together. If you are interested in an older cat please email us.

Award winning cats

Our cats have participated in cat shows all over New Zealand, with several national award winners.

Burmese Personality 

Curious, clever, and friendly, the Burmese cat is described as having a sweet expression in the breed standard, and has a nature to match if raised and socialised well. Very playful and engaging, the Burmese will learn to retrieve toys, and will delight in playing with their family. This curious and inquisitive nature can land them in trouble, as they will explore every open doorway, be it into another room or into a car or delivery van! Personable and sociable with family and visitors, the Burmese will enjoy attention and will let you know if there isn’t sufficient attention paid to them!  

“Your cats are WONDERFUL. We are just crazy about our Hershey"

— Pamela G.

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Charlous Burmese
Whanganui, NZ.

About us

Charlous Burmese is a small family own breeder. We have a small number of cats which live in our home so we can give them individual care and attention.